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Farming practices

The crucial aspect to great quality meat is in the nurturing of the livestock. We at Bengal Meat, practice all-natural processes in the upbringing of the cattle, its food habit and habitat. So, all cattle in our farm grow up in freedom & comfort, they eat & drink to their desire, always live in a clean environment.

Naturally Grown

Our cattle are fed organic feed grown at our own farm without any kind of steroids or growth hormones. Artificial chemicals may make the cattle gain mass quicker but it is harmful to the cattle and is also not Halal or Safe to consume. Our natural feed practices ensure our cattle grow right.

Healthy & Disease-free

Our cattle are routinely health-checked and certified by veterinarians. All cattle are vaccinated against Anthrax, FMD and other diseases, grown naturally, and anti-biotic free. We inspect their blood and stool to make sure that no diseased cattle get past our best practices so that only the healthy and safe.

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